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Project work

Our company is engaged in the modernization of turnkey spaces.
We develop a concept, design project, select equipment, carry out reconstruction and renovation of premises

Modernization of educational institutions

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Interactive solutions for education and comprehensive modernization of premises. From concept development to implementation: classrooms and offices, laboratories, auditoriums, assembly halls, gyms, entrance lobby, recreation areas and corridors.

Modernization of shopping centers and commercial premises


Interactive sensory and video equipment for shopping centers: kiosks with navigation, advertising units and video walls.

Electronic queues, check-in counters and much more.


Modernization of conference rooms and meeting rooms


Modern equipment for arranging functional premises. Thoughtful design - minimum wires and sockets. Connection of conference systems for coordinated operation of all equipment.

Modernization of cultural and social facilities


Projects in the field of culture: modernization of theaters and museums.

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