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We specialize in developing innovative solutions that take into account the needs and challenges of the modern world

We pay great attention to all stages of development and strive to make our solutions as efficient and easy to use as possible

Designed to equip laboratories and classes in physics, chemistry, biology, geography, Kazakh and English languages
  • Touch monitor,
  • Built-in computer
  • Pre-installed software
  • Durable materials
  • Presentable design,
  • Domestic product.
Interactive desks create a comfortable environment for students and the learning process becomes more technologically advanced and exciting
The built-in touch monitor allows you to display and conveniently manage information: switch between programs, take notes and edit files.
Interactive desks form a unified classroom system together with the teacher’s computer, interactive whiteboard, microscopes and other laboratory equipment
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The technical characteristics of the computer allow you to install the software necessary for the daily educational process and for laboratory work
The desks have an ergonomic design and are made of durable materials that will remain relevant for a long time and maintain the presentable appearance of the entire room
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