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Абстрактная сфера


We install visual equipment and access control systems of our own production

Development and production of intelligent video surveillance systems
  • Video server
  • Video analytics modules
  • Software
Hardware and software complex iDC WATCHMAN
  • Operational analysis of controversial situations, fights, personal disagreements.
  • 24-hour monitoring of the territory and internal premises for the prevention of crime and terrorism
  • Identification and analysis of incidents.
  • Ensuring rapid response to quickly provide assistance in case of emergency situations
  • Territory protection
  • Vehicle access control
  • Property protection
  • Identification of sources of fire and smoke

Technical specifications:

•Focal length: from 2.8 to 12 mm;

•Lens: varifocal lens;

•Electronic shutter speed: depending on the camera type - no more than 1/50s, 1/100s, 1/250s;

•Infrared illumination: at least 20-30m for indoor cameras and 150m for outdoor cameras

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