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Demonstration fume cupboard

Model: IDC- Fume cupboard (1032* 800* 2090mm)

Overall dimensions: width 1032mm, depth 800mm, height 2090mm. The cabinet is 2-sectional. The lower section with a lid and two hinged doors. The lower section has two compartments. Side and back walls, shelves and doors of the lower section are made of 16 mm thick LDFP. The cover of the lower section is at the same time the table top of the upper section. The height of the upper edge of the table top above the floor is 835 mm. The table top is made of 22 mm thick chipboard with 0.5 mm plastic coating. The upper section is a demonstration working chamber. The frame is made of 16 mm thick chipboard. The walls on four sides are 4 mm thick glass. There is a liftable glazed door at the front. The cupboard is equipped with a water dispenser and a sink. The upper compartment of the cupboard has a hole for the extractor hood.

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