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Biometric system

Biometric system

Name of product "Biometric system "IDC ALAQAN"
Brand "IDC"
Gross weight ~5 kg
Net weight ~1kg
Dimensions in packaging (LxWxH) 42×42×35mm
Dimensions without packaging (LxWxH) 42×42×35mm
Unit imz. set
Communication interface Ethernet, USB
Consumption current 5V
Number of locks 2
Supply voltage 5V
Number of turnstiles 1
Number of users up to 10000
Number of readers 3
Operating temperature range minus 10°C...+45°C
Number of additional inputs -
Number of log events is not limited
Compatibility availability of API
Equipment 1 desktop reader, 2 built-in readers, biometric processing and control board, controller
Device type software and hardware complex
dimensions 42×42×35mm
Climatic performance for indoors
Service life, not less 3 year
Warranty period 1 year
Images (at least 3x)
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